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Mikeypedia Who are you?
My name is Mike Leavitt, aka 'ReMike'. I'm a visual artist from Seattle with my studio on Vashon Isle.

How do you make a living?
Only from my art. People buy my work through art galleries, directly from me, or hire me to make something just for them. I'm also hired to create prototypes for products. Commercial and custom work is about 1/2 my income. Art sales are the other 1/2. I have no other day job or side work. Buying my work finances my studio & utilities, shipping fees, travel expenses attending exhibits, IRS taxes, software & web services, photography, printing, power tools, wood, clay, paint, glue, metal, glass, framing, pedestals, screws, nails & other hardware.

Where can I see your work in person?
Lately I've shown most often with Jonathan LeVine Gallery. I show in various other venues and group shows around the world. I work very hard to produce more work for everyone to see in person. I'm always available to arrange a studio visit if you're in the Seattle area. I love visitors. My studio is set up with a lot of my art on full display to come see.

How can I acquire your art?
You can hire me for custom work and here are those details. You can also buy my art from my inventory, my store or directly from my studio by visiting me here on Vashon Island.

How long does it take you to make a piece?
A single piece can take 2-3 months to finish with 50-hour work weeks. My smallest, simplest works can take a few weeks at a time to finish. Sometimes work goes quickly. I learn tricks to expedite some things. I also challenge myself to innovate, which requires more time to improve upon myself. As soon as I've learned something really well my interest evolves to force a new challenge. I get faster, then I get slower. It's always painstaking.

Do you have another piece like the one I just saw somewhere?
Usually the answer is 'not right now'. Most of my work sells quickly. This is often asked thinking that I'm a factory with a big supply of my figures 'in the back'. You can hire me to re-create new from-scratch editions of pieces I've made before. I'm offering things like this is in my Faod.

What materials do you use?
As a sculptor I generally need competence with all media. Hand-carving wood, cedar, pine and fir is my personal favorite. The majority of my figures less than 30 inches tall are sculpted in polymer clay. I carve my larger pieces in wood. Lately I'm doing more 3D-modelling to involve 3D-printing and different plastics or polymers.


"American visual artist ReMike aka Mike Leavitt makes fun. He lives two dreams making a living from both art and toys. ReMike makes fun stuff and he makes fun of stuff. He lampoons consumerism and celebrates culture. His HiPop (pr. hai-pop) Project marries low brow and high art. It's pop art with a soul. He does painting, sculpture, design and satire. ReMike's a latchkey kid of divorced baby boomers and Saturday morning cartoons, coming to age in two decades of Iraq Wars. He pulls the curtain on puppeteers behind the scenes because he grew up with toys made by anonymous sculptors. He thinks our work consumes our bodies because he sculpts til his thumbs bleed. His work has been shown and sold throughout 6 continents since quitting Brooklyn's Pratt Institute of Art in 1997 with a 4.0 freshman GPA. He's sculpted hundreds of action figures from The Art Army on. ReMike's a 39 year-old making dolls in his basement, articulating the voice of a generation in need of action heroes."

Artist Statement and further reading here.

'When it comes to icons, Leavitt has a deep set of beliefs about who deserves a reserved parking space in the annals of history.' - Juxtapoz Magazine

'Leavitt blends art, design & social commentary.' - Seattle Art Museum



King Cuts, Jonathan LeVine Gallery, New York
Empire Peaks, Jonathan LeVine, New York
Art Army Royalty, Jonathan LeVine, New York

Pitchfork Pals, Stolen Space Gallery, London
Don't Stop Object Shopping, Fuse Gallery, NY
Real Love, M Modern Gallery, Palm Springs
Art Army New York, ToyTokyo, NY
Art Army Young Guns, Copro Gallery. CA
Art Army Guerilla Crew, BLVD Gallery, Seattle
Art Army, Copro Gallery. CA
Art Army, Roq La Rue Gallery, Seattle


Topic Puppet Museum. Spain
Marvel Funko Comicon. San Diego, CA
Lancaster Museum of Art. Los Angeles, CA
King Street Station. Seattle
Museum of Art & Design. Singapore
Museum of Craft & Design. SF, CA
Hunt Institute. Dallas, TX
Parlor Gallery. Asbury Park, NJ
"Pop This" w/ Troy Gua. Port Townsend, WA
Cameron Art Museum. Wilmington, NC
Shooting Gallery. San Francisco, CA
Gallery 1988. Santa Monica, CA
South X Southwest. Austin, TX
Just Be Compound Gallery. Portland, OR
Center on Contemporary Art. Seattle
Lodo Music Fest. Denver, CO
Evergreen Gallery. Olympia, WA
Tacoma Art Museum Gallery. Tacoma, WA

Smithsonian Design Museum
Amy Schumer, Eddie Vedder, KAWS
Morgan Spurlock, Geena Davis, Nike Inc.
Charles B Wessler, Ron English

Updated October 6, 2017


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2017 Walt Disney Co. Campaign
2015 Seattle Public Library Lecturer
2013-14 Seattle Art Museum Workshops
2013 Nordic Heritage Museum, Seattle
2010-13 Nike Inc Campaigns, Portland, OR
2012 NECA Campaign, New York
2008-12 Gage Academy Lecturer, Seattle
2011 Parsons/New School Lecturer, New York
2003 Museum of Glass, Tacoma, WA
2002-03 Evergreen State Lecturer, WA
2002 Artist Trust GAP Award, Seattle
2001 B.A. Evergreen State College, WA
1997-2000 Dean's List UW, Pratt Institute, NY