Real Life. It ain't no game.

The rules for 'Vita Vera' follow an antiquated 20th Century board game that came to rise in the economic heydays of the 1980's. The names and faces have been changed to stop protecting the non-innocent.

A collaboration with Stefano Cosatto, this is my hand-built board game. The only 20 editions are each assembled by myself, complete with game board, dice, title deeds, money, playing cards, hotel/motel replacements, re-written rule book, original figurines, and a hand-built 20 x 10 x 1 in. (50 x 25 x 3 cm) packaging box. 'Sweet!' and 'Bummer' replace 'Chance' and 'Community Chest'. 'Houses' and 'hotels' are now 'bread' and 'butter', each hand-stamped from polymer clay. The currency is 'souls' and 'The Banker' is 'God'. The game board is a 20 x 20 in. (50 x 50 cm) photo print of entirely original drawings by myself. These at-size ink drawings were digitally incorporated with the final game board graphics. The glossy print is mounted on a paper-wrapped, folding chipboard.

The Game Board. 2 variations available, 10 of each. The color just refers to the paper backing (blue or black). Blue is a durable, outdoor-rated material designed for heavy use, with a lower image quality. Black is the sharpest image quality photo print possible, with less resiliance to heavy usage.

The Game Pieces. The silver figurines are hand-cast in resin plastic. The pink-toned figurines are the polymer clay masters.

Editions are available to purchase from Faod.