These are not plastic toys. I don't use molds or any machine-made parts. Each is an original 'one-off' fabricated from scratch.

With the exception of the Banksy vinyl (the only Art Army mass edition), every other figure here in the Art Army section is my original hand-sculpted piece of art. These each take me many, many painstakingly laborious hours to sculpt. These figures are art made by me, not toys made by factory workers. I will sculpt no more than 10 of any one figure. I only make these from-scratch multiple editions on demand, so 10 won't necessarily be made of every figure. Since starting the project in 2002 I've sculpted nearly 400 one-off figures by myself.

All action figures in the galleries are 6 to 7 inches tall unless otherwise noted. I sculpt every Art Army figure in polymer clay. 6-7 inch figures are composed of at least 20 to 30 body part pieces each, usually with separate wrist, elbow, knee, and ankle pieces. Larger editions are made at 9 to 10 inches, and 10 to 12 inches tall. The bigger dimensions make for more room to flesh out facial features and correct body proportions. Several figures have also been hand-carved in wood, allowing for a much larger scale, up to 36 and 48 inches tall. Included are mini accessories and 3 options for a display configuration: hand built, re-closable package, custom diorama background, or glass dome and plastic base.Please see my action figure construction process.

A piece already sold can be sculpted again on commission

It is possible to hire me to create new Art Army one-off's.

You can email me to book other commissions.

Please see my archive of custom and personalized figures.