The Art Army® Story

The Art Army® has spawned to battle the utter stupidity, fear, and greed of really bad taste. Conceived in a bout of ambiguity over what art to make, ArtCard®Mike, as his alter ego Super ArtMan, created the Army with subconscious instructions from art gods who eventually took form as Army members. As ArtCard®Mike's own art wasn't enough for the world's pain and ugliness, the Art Army® isn't enough to defeat its arch enemy: The MAN. The Army's guru soon spirals into the dark blue depths of sadness and bittersweet reminiscence. His art super heroes resort to guerilla tactics, and The MAN's enldess existence is uunfazed by the Army's silly art showings, his looming everpresence threatening the future of The Art Army®.

Parts 1, 2, and 3.

The Art Army® story unfolds in a series of stop-motion animated shorts. The elastic strand and ball and socket joint engineered articulation serves animation perfectly. The Art Army® Movie tells the creation myth of the Army's origin. The Art Army® vs. The MAN introduces the Army's evil nemesis. The third, unfinished part to these first two 7 minute shorts, Metaphoramorphosis: The Art Army®'s Sci-Fi Epic from Black to Blue, unravels The Art Army®'s grand and desperate confrontation with The MAN. Part 3 delves into ArtCard®Mike's long blue journey from his past, through The Art Army®, and into the future as an indigo chameleon adapting his skin to fit the pain and world he lives in.

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