One-of-a-Kind Art To Commission For Hire

Several terms define original art pieces I make: 'one-of-a-kind', 'original', 'one-off' or '1/1'. All made from scratch, with no hired help, contractors, outsourcing, manufacturing or molds of any kind. Here I offer various opportunities to hire me to make original works. I start from scratch each time I'm hired to create a piece based on a sample below. Pitchfork Pals are the only exceptions, each a hand-cast and hand-painted porcelain ceramic AP made only by Charles Krafft himself with no outsourcing (I sculpted the master prototypes). Every Art Army character is capped at a hand-made edition of 10. I will never make more than 10 figures depicting any one artist.

Nuances of my hand and whims of my intuition produce unavoidable variations every time I make anything. I'm too interested in evolving my process to be complete an exact replication of my own work.

Each thumbnail below is a sample to reference for their respective examples. Nothing ordered here from Faod is actually created yet. You are ordering a new piece to be made like one you see below. Most pieces can be completed and delivered in 12 to 16 weeks. Prices include U.S. domestic shipping. Use message form below for any further inquiries.