I want to accurately convey the subject matter of my work. Differentiating the editions of my Design from my original works here in Fine Art is part of the message. Many of my works may look mass-produced though I create them entirely from scratch in my garage studio. Some are mistaken by my process. It's often assumed that my fine art works are mass-produced in China. I must be a sleight-of-hand magician. I must have a factory full of inventory available. This is not the case. I play a few tricks as I convey a certain message. I consciously, cautiously walk a line between art and product. A post modern irony is parcel to this mission. I hide my hand to be an objective anthropological documentarian. I throw back to the vast expansion of Chinese-made ephemera proliferated in my Gen-X 1980's upbringing. I poke the culture of corporate consumerism with its own icons. Mine is a political muse. I try to have fun with it so the medicine goes down easier. This work is in dire need. My mind and hands are destined to address the rising tide of corporate omnipotence. Art, life and commerce should be friends, not enemies.