The Deets

Terms, Prices, Scheduling & Client Testimonials of Hired Design Work
By reading this page you agree to these terms if ever engaged in a project with myself, Michael Leavitt (aka 'ReMike'), at any time in the future. This is a contract for goods, not services. Common types of work-for-hire contracts don't apply. Think of me like you're ordering one custom meal, not hiring a personal chef. Three circumstances help us avoid un-fun things and keep our transaction fun: 1) I am paid what I ask when I ask, 2) interactions and correspondances are timely and polite, and 3) I'm naturally inspired by the project. The 3rd circumstance isn't required, just highly suggested to produce best results.

'Commissioner' or 'You' : The person paying for the work to be commissioned.
'Figure' or 'Piece' : The actual painting, sculpture or figure to be made as a custom commission.
'I', 'Me' or 'Myself' : Michael Leavitt, the artist who will be creating the piece.
'$' : All prices below are in $ US Dollar currency.

Input. Any and all input is only given up-front, before any work begins. After work has begun, alterations or revisions will not be made on any piece based on external input, unless it is a prototype for production and work is billed at an hourly rate. All I need is photos and simple ideas on how the figure should look. A couple good head shots and a full body shot suffice for photos. Only minor instructions are accepted for custom commissions: no more than 1 paragraph, 4 lines of text, or 6 sentences, whichever comes first at size 12 font.

In-Progress. A preliminary sketch can be done only as a courtesy, not to be used for approval or contingency to book a potential commission. No other progress reports or in-progress photos will be otherwise communicated while the commission is being executed. If feedback or requests for progress reports or photos must be addressed, the labor to respond and/or execute requests for additional work will be billed at $45/hour. An absolute 1-hour maximum turn around time to respond to progress reports may be negotiated by special circumstance.

Price Ranges for Custom Sculptures and Figures. 3 to 7 inches (7-18cm) tall: $1,500 to 2,400. 8 to 10 inches (18-26cm) tall: $2,400 to 4,900. 11 to 12 inches (26-30cm) tall: $4,900 to 7,500. 12 to 24 inches (30cm-61cm) tall: $7,500 to 15,000. 24 to 48 inches (61cm-1.3m) tall: $15,000 to 30,000. Please specify which you are interested in with your correspondence. Other design projects, options and sculptures are also available to hire.

Payment. A 50 percent non-refundable deposit is required for any commission work to start. No work will begin without a deposit payment, including any work that is expected to be expedited. The prices above can include the glass display dome and labeled base, or hand-made plastic blister package. Prices are based on the figure's size, complexity, and accessories. Once a size has been chosen, a price will be quoted. Final payments, as any difference owed after deposits, must be paid in full within 3 weeks or 15 business days (whichever provides more time) of notification that the piece is finished. All effort will be made to communicate the expected date of completion in order to plan final payments. If a final payment is not made, all ownership and intellectual property rights of the piece will be relinquished. Payment installments can be arranged by special circumstance at $100 minimum per payment, so long as the final payment is made before delivery of the finished piece. PayPal or check payments are accepted. PayPal payments are made directly to leavittmichael (at) gmail (dot) com

Pictures of Finished Pieces. Unless extenuating circumstances or extra payments provide for 'In-Progress' reports as described above, photographs of a finished piece are not sent as protocol before delivery of the piece or final payment. If any pictures are sent as a courtesy before final payment, these photos are not used as a contingency to delay or hold final payment in any way. Upon request, any and all photos I take of the finished piece will be sent to you after the piece is delivered and the final payment is made. Intellectual property rights to these images are outlined below under 'Reproductions'.

Expedited Deadlines. Expedited commissions will cost 2X (double) to 4X (quadruple) the 'Price Ranges' listed above.
This is an extra fee added to the final cost. It may be determined after completion, depending both on the piece's complexity and the work demand at the time of the deadline. An expedited commission is defined as a piece that is expected to be delivered by a specific date less than 12 weeks from the deposit payment. For projects to be expedited less than a week from the deposit payment, costs will be estimated on a case-by-case basis.

Shipping and Delivery. The U.S.P.S. will not be used for mailing checks, or U.S. domestic shipping of any kind. UPS or Fed Ex ONLY. Personal checks and shipments have been lost by U.S.P.S. too many times. You pay for all shipping costs. This will be added to the total commission cost at the time delivery, to be paid as part of the final payment. All efforts will be made to reduce shipping costs. If in the Seattle area, I can deliver or pick-up the piece in person. Depending on scheduling and the piece's complexity, they can be expected done and delivered in 12 to 16 weeks. Exact delivery dates may be arranged by special circumstance. If delivery is expected for a specific event, the piece will be done and delivered well in advance of the event day. Requests for in-progress updates on meeting these deadlines will not be acknowledged. If less than 12 weeks lead-time is expected, a higher price may be quoted to expedite (see 'Expedited Deadlines' above). Once the piece is finished, it will be shipped and delivered before any images or photos are released. As soon as it's been notified that the piece has been finished, the 2 weeks/10 business days for final payment begin.

Repairs, Maintenance and Alterations. Repairs, maintenance, and alterations can be done on any piece already delivered. Labor will be billed at $50/hour. The buyer/commissioner pays for all shipping costs, to and from. Buyer/commissioner assumes all responsibility for any damages in transit to deliver the piece for repairs or alterations.

Editions. A multiple of any figure may be arranged, but only at full price of the original. I'm equipped to do only rudimentary plastic casting at best, basically requiring as much labor for a plastic edition as a clay edition sculpted again from scratch. I'm not a factory. I only have two hands. I don't have interns, employees or contracts with Chinese manufacturors. Unfortunately I am not the person to contact for making large editions of plastic or vinyl toys. Multiple editions of a singular figure will be priced according to the tedium of their labor.

Reproductions. As commissioner of a custom artwork, you will own and be responsible for certain intellectual property. Though you may have rights and responsibilities to the likeness of a person depicted in the piece, you will not necessarily have full rights to reproductions of the piece itself. My artistic depiction of a subject holds a different set of IP rights than the subject itself. The rights to any 3-dimensional or 2-dimensional reproductions of the piece, including photos, prints, castings, or machine-manufactured multiples, are negotiated separately or purchased outright. A license or price is negotiated depending on the reproduction's application. The additional cost of reproduction rights for commercial use vary greatly depending on the application of the license. For example, a licensing fee is higher if you're hiring me to sculpt a prototype for a product to sell at retail outlets. For another example, a licensing fee is lower if you're hiring me to sculpt a portrait of yourself to photograph for a few calendars or t-shirts. The more editions need to be made, the more labor is needed for design and quality control. Depending on these kinds of applications, this additional cost can range from 20 percent to 2X (double) the final price. This additional cost will be added to the final payment. A royalty percentage can also be negotiated to share, use, or acquire intellectual property rights of my work. Royalties can range from 5 to 30 percent of sales. To negotiate a royalty or license, an extended discussion on the use and application of the reproductions may be needed. My rights to use images of the piece as promotional, educational, and other non-commercial material as part of my artist portfolio and archive are shared indefinitely.

Michael Leavitt
Vashon, WA
2(oh)6 853 (oh)925
leavittmichael (at) gmail (dot) com

Updated February 9, 2017


These are some peoples' tributes and confirmations. Some are editorial comments. Many are reactions to the art pieces that they have purchased or commissioned from me. Some are responses to portraits specifically depicting themselves as subject matter. Others are the spin-off projects inspired by my art, often in an educational context. Any grammar errors are due to the fact that I'm posting quotes true to the author's word.

Leavitt eBay rating

'Leavitt succeeds in art’s most important function — to not only help us recognize and articulate our values, but participate in a dialog that validates them as well. At its best, art connects our best selves with each other, and he has done that... I’m grateful to artists who address the subject of 'What is it about fighting and glorifying fighting and power, anyway?' in a way that gets our minds thinking and lips moving.'
----- Polymer Clay Daily

'It's been such fun poking around your stumbling into an interesting attic...such treasures to be discovered.'
----- Brian Jowaisas

'BOONE arrived safe and sound last Friday and I have to tell you how emotional the 'unwrapping' was. I waited for Denise to get home from work...and when we unveiled it, we really felt an air of pure 'sad/happy'...we're always a little down when we see an image of Boone and know he's just not with us anymore, but this painting really lifted our spirits and gave us a sense of true elation also with it's atmospheric beauty and surreal is a treasure we'll cherish forever...thank you so much.'
----- Len Bellinger, New York

'King Cuts' Film Director Series

'Hello, I've recently been looking at your work and it is phenomenal, my Dad and I are big film fans and love how detailed your director sculpts are. We especially love the Tarrantino and Kubrick models, we were discussing what directors we'd love to see made into one of your sculpts... I'm sure you've got many more amazing models to come. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.'
----- Zedd and Darryl

'I can't wait to get them you make such incredible pieces. Your creativity & different concepts are really cool. I hope you continue to make 3D printed sculptures available for sale on more items in the future.'
----- Pat McKeever

'My brother was thrilled with his Hitchcrow, as I knew he would be... Thanks again, Mike.'
----- Granny Barb

'Look what Santa brought me this year.' ----- Mateo

Cardboard Shoes

'By creating cardboard sculptures of some of the most popular models in footwear he is essentially riding the commercial train and exercising his meticulous craft of making these wearable cardboard replicas... he is smart to tap into the fanaticism because the demographic that would buy these may not usually buy a piece of art.'
----- Trendland

'I am making cardboard shoes with my students, using yor images for inspiration - the students LOVE them! ... (the image to the right is) some of their homeworks from the start of the project – the brief was to make a 3D shoe from paper/card. As you can see, there were some really great attempts and we are building on this in class work.'
Gail Atkinson
United Kingdon

'I'm an art teacher... very intrigued with your cardboard shoe work and have decided to use you as a contemporary artist to discuss with my eighth graders. I'm currently working on my Masters in Art Ed. and there is a big focus on incorporating contemporary artists into our curriculum. Your work was a perfect fit with my eighth grade class... I have never seen my students as interested in a project before. I don't know if was connection to art being made currently or an interest in the subject matter, but they were really, really excited which made me excited. Students have to create a shoe, inspired by your work (using cardboard, paper towels, etc.). We are having a contest for the most wearable and the most aesthetically pleasing. I know they will be super excited to hear that the actual artist we are discussing is aware of their project and emailed me!'

'As promised, I wanted to show you some of the end results of the art project my eighth graders created. We had a fun time working on the projects and completed the project with a fashion show, judged by the other eighth grade class. Students were judged on being the most wearable and the most aesthetically pleasing. One student even made a costume to go along with his angel/devil shoes. Another made her gladiator sandals so realistically, she was able to wear them without detection!... once again my students had a wonderful time and I will definitely do the project again next year.'
Melissa Gumbs
Elwood, Illinois

Cake Toppers

'(Leavitt's) custom work is just a little bit different than most. He makes action figures, and what is more action packed than a wedding? With a few simple design modifications, Mike turned his action figure style into one of a kind cake toppers.'

'I wanted to write and send you some pictures of the cake topper from our wedding. Seriously, the cake topper was the hit of the night. We had an amazing wedding - the weather was awesome (good thing since everything was outside), the food was good... but nothing got people talking like the cake topper. Thank you.'
Gil & Rachel
New York

'Thanks for the amazing cake topper Mikey! We absolutely love it... best present EVER!'
Jackie & Tex

'Mike! We love love love the figures. You rule so much. You really came through on all the subtle nuances. I have seen many of your figures online, and then a couple behind glass, but I think (and no I'm not biased) these are among your finest. The tattoos! The eyebrow! The Burgerman! G loves her dress and I love my 'signature' hair. These are really, really brilliant and I can't wait to blog about them. There is a Gorey theme to the wedding, lots of little bits here and there. Thanks again my friend.'
Jeremy & Greta
San Francisco

'The guys arrived here, safe and sound. I'm thrilled with them. Thank you so so much for everything. It's been an absolute pleasure. Enjoy the rest of the summer, enjoy your art, and have amazing days ahead of you. Will definitely be looking forward to seeing more of your artwork around. We're proud to have a little piece of you in our lives. Lots o' lovin'!'
Ido Gonen

Action Figures

'The (Art Army) project is clearly aligned against the forces of imperialism and cultural suckiness, but Leavitt makes his points with a light touch, being too high-spirited and incorrigibly silly to get bogged down in another dreary leftist critique.'
----- David Stoesz, Seattle Weekly

'...Leavitt is currently causing quite a stir in the US with his Art Army... these are ART toys with a capital 'A'.'
----- PIMP Magazine (UK)

'Just wanted to tell you what a great hit the figure made. Everyone loved it. It came out fantastic. J was so surprised by the figure. He really liked it. Everyone at the party was very impressed by your work... Thank you so much for everything. The figure made it fine, nothing was broken. Once again, thanks for your effort in getting it to me by the party, and thanks for your wonderful work. I really appreciate everything you did.'
Linda Braet
New York

'What can i say, i'm speechless! The Ian Simms figure looks fantastic! You nailed it! I cannot tell you how happy i am right now since seeing the pictures! I knew it was going to be great, but it's just perfect! And don't think i didn't notice the Andy Warhol/Velvet Underground banana underwear! That is the touch that really makes it, because it actually makes Ian a secretly hip dude. And we didn't even ask for that! It adds multiple layers of depth to the character with a simple visual clue. Of course that's one of the things you're best at. Your attention to detail is astonishing... Please excuse the gushing, i cannot help it. Ever since the first minute i saw your work, i knew you were the guy for this project. I sincerely thank you for blowing away my expectations. I hope we can work together again in the future.'
Damon Welner, Probot Productions
Los Angeles

'We got Evo today and I just wanted to let you know how much I love him. I am really excited to have him around our house. He came through in good shape and he is stunning in person. You added so many little details that convey his personality, and the display case adds a lot, too. The transparency of the flag is a great touch. I want to thank you for taking on a pretty eccentric project with us. We have wanted to get one of your figures for a long time and I am glad we finally went for it. Thanks again, and keep in touch.'
Martin & Carolyn
Portland, OR

'Dear Mr.Leavitt, My name is Ben Foster I am 14 years old and I am in a high school ceramics class at PK Yonge in Gainesville, Florida. For a project we were told to make a powerpoint and a sculpture that is inspired from any famous artist throwout the world. I chose you because I like your figurines and I thought you would be a cool person to do a project on. You have a great talent in making art. If you have any other information that I can put into my project I will truly appreciate it. Thank you for taking the time to read this.'
Ben Foster

'I know it's hard to believe, but my 9 yr. old grandson Chase is your biggest fan; he's started doing sculpey movable pieces and is quite the aspiring artist... He is obsessed with his art -- and he's constantly experimenting with new techniques... he absolutely ADORES you and your work. Thanks for being you.'
Mark and Chase
Fort Worth, TX

The Real Life Art Army

Jeremy Fish: 'i have to say thank you very much for including me in your list of really amazing dudes. i am familiar with your series and i am really honored to be included.'

Friends With You: 'This is the most genius thing I have seen!!! OMG!! THIS IS HOT!!! This really is the best thing I’ve seen in a long time. Your show looks great too. Thank you'

Audrey Kawasaki: 'OH MY GOD!!!!!!! this is crazy!! i had no idea you were going to make a figure of me/mygirl!!! holycow!!!! sooooo amazing!!! thankyou so so much for creating this. those octo legs are sooo elegant and beautifully curved. amazing you are! thankyou! :D :D'


Joe Ledbetter: 'Mike!!! I LOVE IT!!!! great resemblence!! it totally rules!! i think the clothing is waay cool, dig the booze bottle and the cartoony limbs!!!! see ya at the show!!!! THANX SO MUCH!!!!'

Luke Chueh: '... all I can say is... uh... um... actually, i'm totally speachless. I am so flattered. Your sculpt is amazing. I am as flattered, as I am honored, as I am impressed by your inclusion of me in your artist sculpture series.'